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Multifamily Housing

Tenant retention is important.  We can help.  AeroBarrier is guaranteed to mitigate odors and sound between units as well as provide a comfortable living space.  You, the landlord, keep tenants around longer and they get lower utility costs. Everyone wins.


With AeroBarrier you can easily meet:

  • Residential & Commercial IECC ACH requirements

  • Green certification program ACH requirements

  • Sound transfer requirements between units and common space

  • Pest management (don’t let those bugs or mice in!)

  • Eliminate odor transfer between units and common space

  • Reduce heating & cooling equipment size, saving you money

  • Design a more effective insulation package for the home, spray foam not required!

The Process

Step 1: Prep & Setup


We prep the area by taping and covering any areas that won’t be sealed, and then set up the equipment, including the compressor, blower door, emitters, hoses, and the AeroBarrier machine. 


Step 2: Pressurize & Apply


Using a blower door, we pressurize the space and then allow the computerized process to apply the sealant.  The computer controls the temperature, pressure, humidity, and sealant.


Step 3: Real-time Results, Guaranteed


100% guaranteed, see the resultsin real-time, and complete control over your desired level of envelope tightness and leakage reduction.  Receive an AeroBarrier Certificate, with a pre and post leakage report.


Step 4: Clean Up


We understand the importance of letting other contractors get back to work.  The good news, work can resume immediately after the sealant dries to the touch within 30 minutes.  The excess sealant is swept up and the tape and coverings are removed.


3-4 units completed in a hour and a project can be done in no time!


Now let’s schedule AeroBarrier for your next project!


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Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday-Sunday: By appointment

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