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What is AeroBarrier?

AeroBarrier is a cutting-edge envelope sealing system that simultaneously measures and seals building envelope air leaks.

How It Works


Temporarily block windows and doors; cover electrical receptacles and switches; protect finished surfaces.


Spray a fog of sealant particles that travels to the air gaps and holes.


Pressurize the space and its air leakage with a computer-controlled atomization system.


Allow the particles to build up around any gaps and holes to seal leakage areas without coating surfaces.

Comparison: AeroBarrier vs. Traditional Sealing

Option 1: AeroBarrier

  1. One experienced team seals entire house/unit all at once, one time.

Blower Door Test


100% Guaranteed

  1. Make sure you continually train and supervise your trades so that all steps are followed, ensuring that you fix any potential problems and prevent any blower door failures.

  2. Seal bottom plate to sub floor on all perimeter walls.

  3. Seal bottom plate to sub floor on all party walls.

  4. Seal the blocking on rim joists.

  5. Drywall gasket perimeter wall, including top plate, bottom plate and around windows and doors.

  6. Drywall gasket interior partition walls

  7. Seal metal boots and returns to drywall with caulk, mastic, UL-rated foil tape or foam gasket tape.

  8. Assemble HVAC systems in order to pass duct tests.

  9. Seal around all laundry room penetrations

  10. Keep HVAC closet outside of conditioned space.

  11. If HVAC is accessible from inside unit, install gasketed door with sweep.

  12. Seal the holes inside of all electrical boxes using sturdy caulk.

  13. Seal the boxes to the drywall using sturdy caulk.

  14. Use surface-mounted LED faux can lights that use a J-box.

  15. Seal plumbing penetrations with caulk and foam before installing cabinets.

Option 2: Traditional Sealing

Blower Door Test



  1. Hire certified blower door professional to troubleshoot leaky areas and recommend fixes.

  2. Determine parties responsible for fixes.

  3. Determine liability for costs associated with fixes.

  4. Perform fixes

  5. Hire certified blower door professional to perform retesting.

  6. Hope for the best.

Identify and Fix Issues

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